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Sell-Side Advisory

The process of selling middle market businesses, particularly in Latin America, is complex and requires experience, judgment and perseverance. The road to a successful transaction is filled with challenges and potential pitfalls.  In the case of entrepreneur- and family-owned enterprises, selling shareholders often experience conflicting emotions and face difficult decisions with far-reaching implications.  It is within this challenging environment that Cobaltum Partners is at its very best.

Cobaltum guides our clients through every step of the sale process.  We take the time to understand our clients’ unique objectives, including timing, valuation, contractual and confidentiality considerations.  This attention to detail enables us to craft tailored strategies to achieve optimal outcomes.  Our team emphasizes thorough preparation, hands-on execution and minimal business disruption.  We go the extra mile to ensure our clients fully understand each step and its implications.  We measure our performance only by the success of our clients.

From developing the initial sales strategy to negotiating the optimal deal structure and evaluating the merits of bids received, Cobaltum manages the entire sales process.