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Buy-Side Advisory

Identifying, valuing, approaching, negotiating and executing potential acquisitions demands a well-developed acquisition strategy substantiated by solid business fundamentals.  As with any investment strategy, a strict adherence to a disciplined investment approach is the main contributor to long-term returns.  In Latin America, this difficult task is further complicated by a lack of publicly available information, unreliable market and industry databases and less than transparent competitive practices.

Cobaltum is particularly well-suited to help our clients expand geographically, consolidate fragmented industries or add accretive businesses and product lines. As experienced advisors in these complex transactions, we take a long-term view, providing an independent perspective in an effort to maximize client returns. Sometimes, the best acquisitions are those that are not consummated.

Cobaltum’s approach to buy-side assignments is highly customized. We work closely with our clients to identify strategic trends, establish acquisition criteria, develop systematic processes to find, prioritize and approach potential targets, and/or assist in executing transactions already identified or in progress. Over the years, we have developed proprietary databases relating to strategic transactions, industry insights and strategic investor trends.

From target identification, initial contact, preliminary negotiation and valuation,  to due diligence, structuring and closing, Cobaltum coordinates  and manages the acquisition process on behalf of our clients.